Best Small Business Tips and Ideas

Best Small Business Tips and Ideas : Deciding to start a business can be one of the most exhilarating decisions you make in your life. We are living in a world wherever everyone wants to make extra money and add to his income. Most people have achieved this by acquiring great business ideas.

When one starts up a company, he must be ready to meet competition. It is important to note that you would not need to become rich or popular to succeed in business but have to think smartly. But there are a lot of moving parts and many … Read More

Three Special Business Plan Types

Three Special Business Plan Types : Though it has undergone many changes, the business plan is still around. No longer limited to the traditional 12-15 page type-written document, a business plan can be exciting and engaging as well as useful. Many of us realize that it’s the planning process, and the associated research and soul searching, that is so valuable. The finished plan is just icing on the cake.

Just as there are many types of entrepreneurs and business ideas there are many kinds of business plans. Here are three that deserve some special attention.

The “Accidental Entrepreneur” Plan:

Believe … Read More

Data Analytics Can Help You Make Better Decisions

Data Analytics Can Help You Make Better Decisions : According to experts, if you want to achieve success as a business owner, you must have a deeper insight into customer behavior, operations, and market trends. And this is where data science helps you. You have to analyze a lot of data for this purpose. In this article, we will talk about the importance of data analytics and how it can help you make the right business decisions. Read on to find out more.

You can get access to a lot of data, but using technology to analyze data is a … Read More

The Beach Rotary Club – Above Yourself Service on the Beach

The Beach Rotary Club – Above Yourself Service on the Beach : One area I really wanted to focus on in my portrait of the Beach environment was the spirit of local charity and community assistance. One of the organizations I interviewed, the Pegasus Community Project for Adults with Special Needs, left a deep impression on me. This is a day program for adults with developmental disabilities who also run a local thrift shop on Kingston Road to generate funds and provide program participants with practical work experience.

Marie Perrotta, founder and executive director of the organization, explained to me … Read More

The Easiest to Use Accounting Software for Small Business?


What is accounting software?

To track financial processes, business owners or individuals use accounting software to record and report income and expenses.

It’s more effective and never drives big mistakes with automation, especially for small businesses.

Why do small businesses prefer accounting software?

The majority of small business owners may not be very knowledgeable about accounting or financial management. So they prefer this software to manage their financial data.

This software helps to reconcile data, generate receipts, and integrate with financial data.

So they don’t have to bother taking care of business accounts for balance.

In addition, it saves … Read More

All Ws of a Business Plan

All Ws of a Business Plan : A business plan is a written description of the future of your business and more importantly, how you will achieve it. This is a document that describes what you will do to make your company profitable and how you will achieve it. It defines your business model and your strategy to make this business model work and more importantly profitable.

Usually when a business idea comes up, you know what resources and capabilities you had at the start of your business and where you wanted to go within a certain timeframe, usually within … Read More

Uncommon Success

Uncommon Success! God has destined you to be successful. It is your right. It is your nature. It is right there in your DNA. You have no excuse to be a failure. All you’ll ever need to make it in this life are already implanted in you and are also embedded in the word of God. True. This book will open your eyes to this eternal truth. You cannot go through it and remain the same. You will find here topics like: You Can Succeed, Things Are Not Well? O’ LORD, God of Heaven, He Keeps His Covenants, Listen

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A Case for Future Career Planning

A Case for Future Career Planning : Disruptions. Unforeseen events. Misguided strategies. All of these are possible for businesses and also for careers. In 2020, we don’t have to look very far in the past to see how the best laid business and career plans can go awry due to a surprising and unpredicted event. We could conclude, well that’s life. No one ever guaranteed us long-term certainty. This is true. Unannounced and unintended curve balls are part of life’s churn, but that doesn’t mean we can’t proactively prepare for sudden changes and develop an agility which may result in

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Employment Struggles for Older Workers

Employment Struggles for Older Workers : It’s happening again. One of the perverse hallmarks of the Great Recession ten years ago was the expulsion of many older workers from the workforce. A significant amount of experienced employees found themselves forced into sudden unemployment or premature retirement. Many never fully recovered financially or emotionally and their careers were left scarred and lacking in dignified closure. The current Covid-induced recession is again presenting similar employment hardship for mature workers. Since March the labor market has shed many senior-aged men and women, who possess both high and low skill levels. In other words,

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